YouTube SearchStories – my guilty pleasure

by Nora McFarland on September 12, 2010

So this all started when one of my co workers showed me this site.  I’d always seen some of those cool Google search videos and thought ‘nice!  Someone probably got some fancy schmancy production company to create those!’  Low and behold!  YouTube SearchStories was revealed to me!

The first thing I did was take a look at some of the videos that was presented to me in their library.  Very slick!  I thought for sure that it would be pretty time consuming to make one of these videos however, I was wrong!

It was completely user friendly and very intuitive!  Everything was laid out in plain english for anyone to understand.  And it did not undermine someone who might be computer savvy.

A bunch of us created numerous videos all within a time span of less than 15 minutes.  Granted the most time consuming part was to have a good story line otherwise you just sat there and stared at your screen trying to come up with some good ideas for the video.

The topics that you can come up with are unlimited!  And can get quite silly if you want them to.

On a serious note, this program can actually help small businesses or people promote themselves.  Especially if you have some awesome SEO in place and pop up to the top of Google’s search engine without difficulty.

Check out our video review about this application.

Looking forward to your comments and seeing some of your YouTube SearchStories!

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  • Robbie

    Your review made it easy to make my Youtube search story. Thanks!
    It was actually quicker to make the video than it was to read the terms of service for YouTube… ha ha

    • Nora

      Glad we could help!

      Thank you for your comment. :)

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