“WHO” is Owl Desk?

We’re a bunch of professionals who were tired of the corporate environment and decided to help out businesses and people who just don’t have time to manage or deal with the administrative portion of Social Media. Many of us have helped friends and businesses from the ground up so we know what kind of frustrations people can encounter in the social media arena.

Don’t get us wrong, anyone can join a social site out there but the key elements to making them successful cannot be afforded by businesses themselves. Just having a page, group, profile and some friends is not good enough.

That’s where we come in! We’ll be the people behind the scenes making you look good and working with you to consider various social media strategies (if that’s what you desire). We’re flexible (I don’t think many of us can do yoga with ease!) and will work with you on what works best!

Think of us as your Social Media events planner! We can do the setup, the networking and all the other stuff behind the scenes so that all you have to do is concentrate on what you do best! Managing and running your business!

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